The National Jellyfish & Gelatinous Organisms Watch Programme

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Dear sea loving people/marine enthusiasts,

There has been an increase in jellyfish blooms in the Mediterranean and Black Sea in recent years, due to changes in climate and food chains.

New alien jellyfishes, like “Lessepsian species” that entered to our seas via the Suez Canal, also cause serious problems in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. This jellyfishes and gelatinous organisms clog fishing nets and damage our fisheries. On the other hand, some venomous species may cause nuisance to bathers and, specifically, may become a real health hazard for babies and elderly individuals.


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    The World’s oceans have been experiencing massive outbreaks of jellyfish, apparently due to the changes in ecosystem. “Bloom” is usually used for the population increase to the numbers beyond what is normally expected. Jellyfish blooms have been seen in many seas and oceans. They have damaged fisheries from time to time. Therefore it is necessary to know time series. You can inform us about the blooms of Aurelia aurita and other jellyfish species that are seen below. In this way, you can contribute to the knowledge of our seas.

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