Jellyfish sting dozens as Germany and Sweden battle plague
About 90 people had to be treated for jellyfish stings in just three days at a single beach.

GoJelly Project

Sakarmeke- Denizanası

22.Aralık.2014-Kadıköy İskele Kirliliğin yoğun olduğu yerlerde sıklıkça görülen Aurelia aurita artışları, Sakarmeke’ye alternatif besin kaynağı mı olmaya başladı?

SBT2014-Yayakarsa Sunumu

Yayakarsa was introduced at The Underwater Science and Technology Meeting 2014.


– Pennaria disticha
These creatures with burning effect can harm you.
Can you help us by reporting cases?

Rhizostoma pulmo

Rhizostoma pulmo photographed in Beşiktaş-İstanbul.

Rhizostoma pulmo Bloom

Rhizostoma pulmo bloom in Giresun-Black Sea (15 October 2014.)

BLOOM observation call

Aurelia aurita blooms

The World’s oceans have been experiencing massive outbreaks of jellyfish, apparently due to the changes in ecosystem. “Bloom” is usually used for the population increase to the numbers beyond what was expected. Jellyfish blooms have been seeing in many seas and oceans. They have damaged fisheries time to time. You can inform us about the blooms of Aurelia aurita and other jellyfish species that are seen below. Thus, you will have contributed to the knowledge of our seas.


Rhizostoma pulmo blooms

Rhizostoma pulmo is abundant in all our seas. Sometimes it found with the symbiotic organisms like small fry of horse mackerel, salema porgy and big-scale sand smelt. It can reach 90 cm (35 in) in diameter, making it the largest jellyfish in the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered to be a delicacy in many Asian countries. Blooms of this jellyfish have been taking over in the Black Sea in some seasons and it damages the fishing nets, fisheries and tourism on the coasts.

Malta takes precautions against Jellyfish blooms

Malta is taking measures against the proliferation of jellyfish. People are warned this issue and asked to help to obtain data.